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Instructions to clients for checking in the apartments

The distance from the airport to the CTL Studios is about 2 km and the taxi costs about 10 euros.
The studios’ address is Alkiviadu Dari 99-101, in the Anemomilos area, beside the Bel-Ami café.

More specifically:
The Studio A (Dari 101) is beside the Bel-Ami café (you’ll see the little wooden door of the garden- To enter the garden you’ll have to release the chain in front of the parking place)

The Studio B (Dari 99) is behind the Bel-Ami café (follow the corridor beside the Bel-Ami and open the green wooden door)

The Studio C (Dari 99) is over the Bel-Ami café (the entrance is at the 1st floor) . Follow the corridor until you reach the green wooden door and climb the stairs on your right.
On-street parking is free in the area and is usually easy to find.

The studio A has its own parking place in the studio’s yard. To access the parking place you’ll have to release the chain.

Contact Numbers: 0030 6977641436 & 0030 6947681176


Download the manuals below

The garden of the Studio A and the parking place in front.

The entrance of Studio B at the end of the corridor.

Climb up the staircase at the end of the corridor to reach the entrance of Studio C on the first floor.

Delivery of the key

The guests may pick up the key of the apartment from the key locker that is located right beside the entrance of each studio. A few days before the arrival date the 4 digit code which unlocks the key locker will be sent to them by email or SMS.

*If any guests want to leave their luggage earlier (before the 14:00-check in time) they may come to the apartment at 12:15 p.m. just to leave it and get the key.

Below are the photos of the key lockers: